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I write. I obsess over fictional characters (right now it's Peggy Olson, Stan RIzzo and Ted Chaough). I enjoy a good cup of coffee.


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Jodie Foster in “Scorsese’s Women” / Photographed by Steven Klein / Styled by Panos Yiapanis, for W Magazine September 2014


Christopher Stott

"Christopher Stott (b.1976) is a realist painter. Stott works in a clean, simple, vivid compositional style using vintage objects set against white and neutral grounds with soft, natural light, focussing on the geometric designs of his subjects. Combining a subdued palette, he has a unique approach and consistent technique. Along with precise rendering balanced with very delicate, painterly brushwork, Stott’s work is approachable on multiple levels and has its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary representational painting."

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Elisabeth Moss for GAP Fall 2014 ‘Dress Normal’ Campaign

Elisabeth Moss for GAP Fall 2014 ‘Dress Normal’ Campaign


"It started off screen. We just instantly liked each other. There was a real rapport when we first met…We’d always sit together and we’d always shoot the breeze. We were just very comfortable around each other.” -Teddy Sears


Summer Over the City George Steinmetz

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I had to include one post that featured a small sampling of my photography. Thank you to Cross Connect for the invitation to be a featured curator this week, it brought back good memories of being a part of the team when it was known as Unknown Editors. Hope all of you enjoyed the posts.

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Watched “The One I Love” tonight. Definitely a time I’m glad I remained spoiler free. This movie can’t be squeezed into one genre and there’s no easy way to describe the plot. 

I can only say 1) I love Mark Duplass 2) Elisabeth Moss is going to have an amazing post-Mad Men career (have you seen how many times her name has been in entertainment-centric news lately with new roles?) and 3) I feel entertained and a little creeped out. 

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See ‘The One I Love’ This Monday With Mark Duplass And Elisabeth Moss 

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A lot can change in a year.

One never knows how loyalty is born.