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And I drank up all my money
Tasted kind of lonely
You’re gone and I got to stay high
All the time to keep you off my mind
-Habits, Tove Lo

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These words of wisdom brought to you by Ted Chaough.

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by sergey neamoscou

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I remember when this episode aired and I was excited because I owned the same shirt as Leslie Knope. 

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An unhappy person is like a strand of hair placed in a door jamb. The slightest activity will snap it in half and that’s all the evidence that will be needed. Lou doesn’t like how his encounter with Sally makes him feel. He needs things to be uncomplicated. So he transfers his discomfort onto Dawn, turns the table so it was she who messed up instead of he. Peggy does the same with Shirley and Don with Sally. Don is so relieved to catch his daughter in a lie—the opposite of how she feels about catching him. It’s like a mini vacation, a little break from his having to feel terrible about himself. He gets to be the dad again, demanding his daughter account for her whereabouts while he doesn’t have to tell her a thing about his. When Sally tells him she knows he’s lying, he turns this on her too. How could she have let him do that? She didn’t say anything for the same reason that Shirley tried not to, too. Becoming an embarrassing reminder will only get you moved farther out of sight.

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Elisabeth Moss photographed by Matthew Welch

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I’m a little embarrassed  by how happy it makes me that Kevin Rahm retweeted and favorited one of my tweets. 

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